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UAS or Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Middle and High School STEM-CTE Workforce Exploration

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UAS Navigator's (UASNAV) High School STEM-CTE Summer program gives participants a foundation to an integrated and systematic approach to the UAS industry.  Safety management is a critical component to becoming a Remote Pilot.  Accident prevention goes beyond equipment knowledge and use.  The UASNAV Summer Program gives students an opportunity to be able to see the value of rules and process.


Students explore airspace operational requirements including weather, flight and landing performance, radio communications procedures, aeronautical decision-making general physiological factors affecting remote pilot performance like stress, fatigue and vision.

UAS Navigator (UASNAV) Pilot Academy


NMTC is actively engaged in providing disenfranchised communities with enrichment opportunities for children and parents.  Our belief is students sometimes need to be taken out of their regular environment and exposed to something new, exciting, and difficult in order to re-engage them into academic achievement.

 As an organization that represents over 65,000 employers we also believe it is important to illuminate the role of an entrepreneur and the need to create a digital footprint and school record that show personal responsibility and accomplishment.

Combining recreation with learning, particularly learning about technology and the world of work, can build proficiency in math and science.  NMTC's UASNAV Summer Camp combines these qualities in a safe, fun and intellectually stimulating environment.

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Learning and fun go hand in hand.  Our mind has a thirst for discovery and when active and excited our mind performs and more fully engages;  seeking answers while evaluating the environment. 

Our Summer Camp programs are for us here at NMTC research.  Our premise
is that students (including those considered "at risk") will perform better academically if there is a future context of why that performance is important to them on a personal level. 

Now in our 7th year, NMTC's Design Based Research has proven that students will almost immediately engage when given difficult problems to solve, treated with respect, and offered the resources, including access to live subject matter experts, where students are encouraged to self-explore and be able to engage in friendly peer-to-peer collaboration or competition.

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Research shows that students who attend high-quality afterschool programs are more likely to do better in school, make positive choices about their health and well-being, and show improved communication and social skills with peers and adults.

You for Youth Mission: To build a community of caring and competent afterschool professionals who nurture, motivate, and engage children and youth in 21st CCLC programs. Moments of joy mark the real learning experiences of our lives. Whether we call them discoveries, breakthroughs, understandings or wows, they tickle our brains and make us want to know more.

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